we cannot change lives without you! Let’s change lives together.

Love Rowing’s mission is to transform lives through rowing.

We fund rowing programmes for everyone across the UK. Our projects bring more disabled people and more young people from deprived areas of the UK into the sport.

We need your help to make rowing available for everyone. Rowing improves physical and mental well being, and opens the doors to new life chances.

Please will you donate and support us?

Castle Mead Academy Student

“Rowing has had one of the best impacts on my life. It motivates me to want to be better, to want to pursue a career in sport. It teaches us what we’re capable of and why we need the determination to succeed and it helps us find the will to be better. To me rowing is one of the best ways to express ourselves through a sport which is underrated.”

Simon, Silverlinings Charity member

“I had a wonderful time. I especially loved being back on that stretch of river. It’s where I rowed as a student long before my injury! Being a part of these sessions gave me the confidence to get back on the water following my injury. I am so pleased I did it!”

Kate, Visually Impaired Rower and Club Volunteer

“Rowing has given me a sense of freedom and independence that I cannot achieve any other way”

Teacher, The Hyndburn Academy

“The students love attending the rowing sessions, it has improved their attendance, behaviour and general confidence”

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We know rowing changes lives. We have many success stories already, and we want lots more. Have a look at some here…

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Our success is dependent on the support of our individual supporters, philanthropic corporate partners and other charities with common objectives. We are keen to work in partnership and expand our network of supporters and volunteers. There are many ways you can support us!


We fund inclusive and accessible rowing projects across the UK. You can make a one off or regular donation to Love Rowing to support our projects and make a significant difference to the lives of disabled people and people who face significant financial disadvantage.


Our projects enable more people from underrepresented groups and marginalised communities to access rowing through adaptive rowing initiatives, and new rowing programmes in community settings and state schools in areas of deprivation linked with rowing clubs.

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