Are you an Independent School?

Work in partnership with Love Rowing to widen the reach of rowing into state schools. 

We have facilitated partnerships between a number of independent schools and nearby state schools, and we are grateful for the independent schools that have raised funds for Love Rowing projects. Options include:

  1. Take part in The Big Row! Love Rowing’s annual fundraiser. A team opportunity for your school and citizenship development of your young people.
  2. Donate a percentage of your boat club fundraising efforts to Love Rowing. This benefits your boat club and wider social impact beyond your school. 
  3. Provide rowing coaching for your local state school(s). In doing so, give back to the local community, and create an opportunity for your rowers to develop their leadership skills in coaching and supporting others.
  4. Donate unwanted equipment to a local club or school. 

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Are you an Independent School?

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