When does the challenge take place?

Monday 28 June to Sunday 4 July.

What is the challenge?

You can choose your own challenge. It could be a time or distance based, individual or with your crew/ club mates, over one day or a full week, on water or indoor. If you’re feeling brave you could even target a record attempt! You can take part at home, online, in school or at your club or gym.

Some examples of challenges include:

If you are new to rowing why not set yourself the challenge of rowing every day for one week, on or off water.

If you are more experienced, you could aim to row a marathon (42k) in a week.

Or why not get together with your crew/ club mates and set a distance target such as London to Paris (344km).

Can I take part if I don’t row?

Yes, everyone is welcome to participate. Please choose an alternative activity and record your distance in the same way that you would if you were rowing. Examples of other activities include walking, running, cycling and swimming but the choice is yours!

Is there a registration fee?

Club sign up is free. Individual entry is just £20 for adults and £5 for juniors and concessions.

Who classifies as a concession?

  • A reduced entry fee of £5 is available for anyone registered as a junior member of British Rowing or who meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • Under 18 years of age
  • Aged over 65 years of age
  • In receipt of one of the following: carer’s allowance, housing benefit, job seekers allowance, or working family tax credit
  • Registered disabled
  • A full time student.

What is the fundraising target?

There is no set fundraising target but we would encourage you and your Club to raise as much as possible to support the delivery of Love Rowing’s three life changing rowing programmes.

Is there a minimum age to take part?

British Rowing’s 2016, ‘Guidance – On-Water and Indoor Rowing by School Children’, recommends rowing from year 8 upwards but younger children are encouraged to get involved using alternative activities such as walking, running, cycling and swimming – the choice is yours!

What is Enthuse and why am I using it for this challenge?

Enthuse is the website we are using for this virtual event, which will enable you to sign up, create a personalised fundraising page and have access to the event. Please note that all participants will need to use their Enthuse fundraising page for this event. This means you will be able to:

  • See how many rowers are taking part virtually with you
  • See how much money you and your club have raised
  • Check out the top fundraisers
  • Track your row as well as fellow rowers and see how they’re getting on with their row (you can also share this with friends and family)

How do I collect sponsorship?

The quickest and easiest way to collect sponsorship is through donations directly to your Enthuse fundraising page. However, you can also accept offline donations for your challenge too. Please contact for more information.

Is there advice on fundraising?
Here is our Top 10 Fundraising Tips for “The Big Row”:

  1. Promote your self. Fundraisers with pictures on their page raise 14% more per photo. A perfect excuse for a #selfie with your The Big Row t-shirt/hoodie on!
  2. Tell your story – Why are you fundraising for The Big Row?
  3. Shoot for a km’s rowed target. Pages with a target raise 46% more so tell everyone!
  4. Don’t be afraid to share. Share your quest on all your social media channels, people want to hear about what you are doing.
  5. Don’t forget to email your friends too, lots of people don’t have social media accounts so don’t forget them.
  6. Be creative off your rowing machine and off the water. Organise a charity bake sale or have a Come Dine With Me night with your besties. Being creative is fun and will keep those donations rolling in.
  7. Get your employer to match donations. Most companies will have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme to help their employees raise money for charity, find out if yours will match donations to your page with a corporate donation.
  8. Form a team with your friends. Your friends can become your support squad! Ask them to commit to helping you share your page and your updates as you prepare for The Big Row.
  9. Sell your skills. You are going to be spending a lot of time training, so why not organise boot camps for your friends to sign up to in return for a donation.
  10. Hold a sweepstake. Start a healthy competition by asking your friends to guess what distance and time you will complete your row in.

Is there advice on training?

Looking for ways to get yourself ready to take on The Big Row? Our British Rowing Go Row Indoor programme is here to help, with top indoor rowing technique advice from Double Olympic Champion Alex Gregory, a free range of downloadable training plans tailored for all abilities as well as on and off machine workout videos delivered by qualified instructors. Go Row Indoor has you covered from start to finish and is ready to support all participants to be challenge fit in time for The Big Row Challenge.

What will happen during the week of the Big Row?

Simply complete your challenge and then record the distance you have rowed and the funds you have raised onto your personalised profile/ fundraising page.

Can I get a t-shirt / Hoodie?

Yes. You can order an exclusive The Big Row personalised t-shirt and hoodie here: 50% of the profits from kit sales go to Love Rowing.

Can I get a medal?

Yes can order your exclusive The Big Row medal here: This is optional and in addition to your event registration fee. All profits from the medal sales go to Love Rowing.

When does registration close?

You can register at any time prior the challenge ending on 4 July.

How do I register?

All participants need to register individually. During the registration process you will be asked if you want to row for a specific club/ organisation using a drop down list. To register simply complete the online registration form at

What do I do if my club/ organisation isn’t listed, or I want to set up my own team?

We are happy to add new clubs/ organisations/ teams to our list. Please contact

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No, if you cancel your place you will not be granted a refund.

What about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

When completing your challenge please adhere to local guidance on COVID-19 restrictions:

How will the Inclusive Club Fund grant be administered?

50% of funds raised by British Rowing affiliated clubs that take part in The Big Row, incl. gift aid, will be returned to them, in the form of a grant, to create a new Inclusive Club Fund aimed at supporting inclusive rowing activity within the club. Please note that, to be eligible, clubs need to raise a minimum of £500.

To receive this grant, clubs will need to complete a simple grant application form by 4 August 2021 (one month after The Big Row). This includes a commitment to the creation of an Inclusive Club Fund (or confirmation that an equivalent fund already exists within the club) and assurance that the grant will only be used to support inclusive activity which meets Love Rowing’s charitable objectives. The grant application will include terms and conditions to this effect.

Examples of inclusive activity that the Inclusive Club Fund could be used to support include:

  • Targeted work (such as coached taster/ introductory sessions, indoor rowing classes or learn to row courses) with under-represented communities/ community groups in your local area. This could include, for example, local state schools, disabled people and ethnically diverse community groups that do not traditionally row.
  • Financial support for newcomers or existing members in financial need and who would otherwise be unable to join/ progress/ purchase suitable kit/ enter events etc.
  • Support, where finance would be a barrier, to access to coaching courses.
  • Other activities/ initiatives to support diversity and inclusion within the club.

Inclusive Club Funds are not expected to be used to purchase boats or other major equipment.

This initiative is optional. Should a club not wish to create an Inclusive Club Fund, 100% of funds raised will be used to support Love Rowing’s inclusive programmes.

British Rowing’s Inclusive Club Fund is designed to help club become more inclusive. Developed in partnership with Sporting Equals and in consultation with the rowing community, it aims to:

  • Highlight the benefits of being inclusive.
  • Explain inclusivity and its importance in creating a diverse sport that is open to all.
  • Provide practical advice on creating an inclusive club

If you still have a question please email us at


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